Name of the work: “ScreamBooth”
Medium: Instalation
Date: 2012

The ScreamBooth is an installation that detects the scream of one, or various users, and snaps a photo while they are screaming. It uses state-of-the art devices to provide high-quality photographs, shown on the booth’s screen. All the devices, sensors and actuators are built inside a cool-design wooden box.

The idea came to life in Studio P52, in Barcelona, while discussing different possibilities for building up an exhibition, many thoughts came to life but yet a very simple one turned to be a wonderful experience for its users. Shouting is an energetic activity that may be fun and expressive, it is also an activity that is not quite accepted within every-day life. The ScreamBooth provides an arena for people to scream and have fun while doing it. On the other hand, this tool brings back to life an activity that has for years been laying between a professional need and a social gatherer: the photo booth. Many of us have taken pictures with our friends in a metro station after a fun afternoon, but now, it’s more fun than ever! We strongly believe that explicit interaction provides a higher level of engagement with the users. The ScreamBooth is fun and simple, yet addictive.

The sound is picked-up by a microphone connected to a computer; such input is then processed usingan original program built with Max/MSP that triggers the camera when the screams reach a certain threshold. A number of attributes may be modified from the ScreamBooth’sinterface in the computer. The camera is positioned to grab the image of the users and the appropriate lighting is provided within the booth. A Canon dSLR camera yields very high-quality images, that add to the aesthetics of the experience. The last taken picture is shown in a screen in the front of the Booth. Sometimes, people laugh so loud after looking at their photo, that a new photo is triggered while they are laughing :)
All the hardware goes inside a wooden box designed by James Cronin(UK) and HannesAdersson (SE), fabricated in FabLab Barcelona.

Final Result
The ScreamBooth was used in 2 events organized in Studio P52 and has been very well received. During the events people found different ways to use it: while laughing, while their friends weren’t looking, or even while wearing fun costumes. After these gatherings, the best photos were chosen and uploaded to Facebook. Within a few days, tens of people that appeared in the photos had been tagged, people that had no connection with our Facebook page in their social network. The booth gathered people that didn’t know each other during the events, and later online, resulting in a wonderful social spreader.

In October 2012 a smaller and portable version of the ScreamBooth was presented at the Get Set Festival in Oporto, Portugal ( The design of the new enclosure was made by Michal Kucka.

Press Clips:

Vice Portugal, web edition: "probably, the most useful project for humanity in the last couple of years: a camera that shoots when people start to scream."

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